ZTV is one of Earth's popular television news stations. Episodes including news reports and news cameras are often shown working for this corporation. They were in Gingertown recording as Imperfect Cell attacked but didn't get proper footage of him, and they also reported on the aftermath of the Cell's absorption of Gingertown's inhabitants. Later on, a crew from ZTV reported at the Cell Games tournament for as long as they were able. When Hercule feigned illness after his defeat at the hands of Cell, the ZTV crew was skeptical, but maintained to viewers that Hercule was indeed combating a deadly sickness. Due to the superhuman speeds at which Goku and Cell moved during their match in the tournament, and the constant barrage of energy attacks being used, the ZTV crew was unable to track their movements with a camera, leading to numerous complaints from viewers. Later, when Gohan fought Cell, most of the ZTV crew's equipment was either destroyed or lost, and they were forced to discontinue broadcasting through most of the battle, which kept most of the world ignorant of the battle's true victor.


  • Imperfect Cell Saga - the news people absorbed by Cell were with this network.
    • The History of Trunks - The same news reporter who was absorbed by Cell was seen recording the Android's latest target (and was implied to have been killed by the attack).
  • Bojack Unbound - seen recording the "alien" spaceships at the start of the film.
  • Legacy of Goku II - alternate ending.

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