"Come at me, and you better make sure you're using all your might or you might pass from here to death before you even register what's happenned. Yeah, i'm a human, but if you think thats going to keep me from crushing your head in a split instance, you're gravely mistaken."
— The Strongest Human Being

Yasha(金剛夜叉明王, Lit. "King of Wisdom And Light") is the single strongest human in The Dragon Ball AF universe. He is designed mostly as a fancharacter for Toyble's Dragon Ball AF. He is extremely powerful and godlike, being as legendary as Goku himself, with enough power to effortlessly contend and defeat nearly any Super Saiyan regardless of their level of form. Though while this claim has not exactly been proven, Yasha's power is such that he can easily fight on par with and defeat SSJ4's with ease.


Yasha Is an extremly muscular male, ranging in from between 6'6- 7 feet tall.




Powers & Abilities


Behind The Scenes

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