The man who hosts every World Martial Arts Tournament from the beginning of Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball Z, he mainly just commentates on the matches. Over the years he has become an acquaintance with the Z Fighters, and knows that they are responsible for saving the Earth, not Hercule. He even says so that they killed Super Perfect Cell, although it was Gohan in actuality that destroyed the behemoth. He somewhat doubts Hercule's abilities, such as when Vegeta goes out of control. In every tournament, aside from the 21st, an unfortunate event occurs that enhances his role, such as in the King Piccolo Saga; he witnessed Krillin slain by Tambourine and later he becomes very important as he witnesses Goku's fight with Piccolo from the sidelines with the others, making him one of the few civilians to know the truth (this event was later referenced in the Majin Buu Saga when Piccolo competes in the tournament [albeit not as part of a vendetta].). At the end of Dragon Ball Z, his age starts to show as he has lost hair and has very noticeable wrinkles. In Dragon Ball GT, his descendant's hair remains white. Although he believes Hercule is not the hero claimed to be, he praises him in order to make fans cheer. In the 21st World Martial Art Tournament, the first battle of Krillin vs. Bacterian a helper is seen counting instead of the Announcer.

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