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Vodka is a rich gangster who appears in episode 174 of DBZ during the Cell Games Saga. He wears a fancy light-green suit and a light-green hat. Amazingly, he bears a great resemblance to Panputto's manager from episode 92 of the original Dragon Ball series. His two henchmen also resemble the two bodyguards that were with the manager in the very same episode. Despite he's the leader of the gang, he is actually quite stupid. He hires Tao Pai Pai to get the Dragon Balls so that he can wish for becoming emperor of the world after Cell leaves. However, Goku comes along and needs to have Vodka's Dragon Balls in order to revive all who were killed by Cell back to life. Tao Pai Pai and Vodka than give Goku a challange: if he can solve three key ring puzzles by the next day, they will give him their Dragon Balls. If he can't, then he must give them his own. Of course, Vodka and Tao Pai Pai grab Goku's vest, steal the balls inside of it, and drive off, leaving Goku behind at the fortress. In the end, Goku solves all three puzzles and uses his Instantaneous Movement technique to track down Vodka and Tao Pai Pai. With that, Goku collects the final two balls and leaves, completely oblivious that any ill will from Vodka and Tao Pai Pai was intended.

Voice Actors

  • Toei Animation's: Kozo Shioya
  • Ocean Group: ???

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