Vegeku base form


Vegeku Ssj6

Vegeku is the Potara dance he is stronger then Vegito and Gogeta


His personaliity is more like vegito's but with some of Gogeta's


Great Ape (Oozaru)

Oozaru Goku

Vegeku Great Ape

Vegeku Uses this form when he gets angry or when he sees the full moon or when his power is real high after recovering.

Super Saiyan

As a Super Saiyan he begins to get cocky.


Super Saiyan Vegeku

Super Saiyan 2

Vegeku ascended to this form because in his fight with Gogeta (evil) because he killed all of Vegeku's Friends.

Super Saiyan 3

Ssj3 vegito

Vegeku Ssj3

Vegeku ascended to this form while fighting Vegito (evil) because he killed all of his family also the dragon balls were gone so they couldn't be revived and they were not seen again.

Golden Great Ape

Goldenoozaru1 2 display

Vegeku Golden Great Ape

Vegeku used this form against Great ape baby when he came back to life but he ended up losing control.

Super Saiyan 4

It is unknown how Vegeku got this form but he is seen using this form against Super Gogito (evil).

Ghost Great Ape

Vegeku got this form by seeing the full moon to fight Cell (Janemaba absorbed) as a great ape but lost control.


Vegeku Ghost Great Ape

Super Saiyan 5

Like the Super Saiyan 4 it is unknown when he achieved this form but it can be seen while fighting Vogeta (evil).

Super Saiyan 6

Vegeku achieved this form while fighting Vogito (EVIL) he thought he could defeat him as an Ssj5 but he couldn't so with rage he achieved this form and won.


  • As a Ssj2 Vegeku's hair and tail turn gray and he gets an M on his head could this be because vegeta was a majin and tuffle?


Kamehameha Spirit Kamehameha Spirit bomb Flame Kamehameha

Cyber Gogeta 's stuff


New Saiyan Level by sergiopavao

Vegeku Ssj5

218229-defaultca9u5vl4 super

Vegeku Ssj4

Majin vegetto by theothersmen-d37cvfi

super saiyan 2 Vegeku

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