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Name: Alexis Kadan Valeska

Current Alias: Kadan, Willow, The Dark Warrior, Dead Rose

Former Alias: Scorpio

Race: Vampire

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Height: 5ft 6in

Weight: 113 pounds

Other Race Information: Is Capable of Saiyan like energy attacks.

Gender: Hermaphrodite

Transgender: No

Bra Size: 34D

Sexuality: Bisexual

Primary Fetish: Necrophilia

Love Interest: Jaiden Docy

Martial Status: Married

Social And Occupational

Primary Occupation: Wrestler

Secondary Occupation: Zombie Survivor

First Important Name: Jaiden Docy

Relationship: Lover/Slave

Second Important Name: Sachiko Valeska

Relationship: Daughter

Third Important Name: Brandy Morgan

Relationship: Primary Teammate And Brother

Fourth Important Name: Rosella Boggs

Relationship: Sister

Powers And Techniques

Primary Power: Dark Magic

Techniques: Blood Attacks, Dark Energy Attacks, Summoning, Spell Casting, Sexual Empowerment, Fear Inducement, Hell Fire Attacks, Ritual Magic, Force Field Generation, Lightning Attacks

Secondary Power: Multiple Forms

Techniques: Dark Form Transformation, Dark Form 3 Transformation

Hand To Hand Techniques: Charge Up, Teleportation, Various Kicks, Pedigree, RKO, Attitude Adjustment, Friday The 13th, Thursday The 12th, Sweet Chin Music, Stinger Splash, Reverse DDT, DDT, Chokeslam, Chokebreaker, Dragon Wing Face Breaker, Codebreaker, Boston Crab, Arm Bar, Tombstone Piledriver, Rolling Senton, 619, Judo Throw, Side Slam, Side Effect, The Rock Bottom, Sharpshooter, Crossface, Anaconda Vise Grip, Go To Sleep, Somoan Drop, Lariat, Powerslam, Various Springboards, Suicide Dive, Swanton Bomb, Frog Splash, 450 Splash

Inherited Powers: Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Endurance

Primary Finisher: Power Blitz

Secondary Finisher: Kadan's Circle

Team Finisher: Yin Yang Blast

Hand To Hand Finisher: Friday The 13th

Ultra Technique: Final Echo


Equipment: Baseball Bat, Knives, S-Cargo, Peacemaker, JET Board, Dark Matter Bombs, Meat Clever, Motorcycle, Duel Monsters Deck, Duel Disk

Carrying Equipment: Baseball Bat, Knives, Black Egg, Meat Clever, Peacemaker, JET Board, Dark Matter Bombs

Non-Carry Equipment: S-Cargo, Motorcycle, Duel Monsters Deck, Duel Disk

Other Information: Most the time S-Cargo is carried in a Capsule.

Weapon of Choice: Baseball Bat

Power Level

Base Form Power Level: 90,000,000

Final Form Power Level: 900,000,000,000,000


Biography: After the Zombie Apocalypse she has managed to survive with her party, consisting of her brother, her sister, her lover, and her daughter. They've also developed a village which she named Purple City, where most every isspue is resolved by Wrestling Matches and public bouts without powers, or with powers. However she goes outside the Village Walls to gather more information on the Zombies and Humans outside.

Memorable Quotes: "Why Bother The Damn City's Dead."

Theme Songs

Primary Theme: Sarcasm

Artist: Get Scared

Secondary Theme: Fallen Angel

Artist: Three Days Grace

Tertiary Theme: Partners In Crime

Artist: Set It Off

Win Loss Ratio

Victories: 1413

Defeats: 0 

Draws: 0

Fighting Stance: Android 18, Fasha

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