The Tri-Beam (気功砲, Kikōhō, lit. Ki Blast Cannon) is a life-risking attack used by Tien. The Crane hermit taught it to him. In the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, Master Roshi states: "It is a devastating attack that should never be taught." The user puts both hands together where the two thumbs touch as well of the rest of one's fingers, forming a triangle shape. A huge yellow beam then fires from that "triangle" after long, hard concentration. To pin point a target, the user's eyes zoom in on the target. It can easily kill the target or even the user, as it drains an enormous amount of energy. Interestingly, this technique leaves a square hole in the ground, instead of a triangle. After training with Roshi, Korin, Kami, and later King Kai, Tien perfects the attack as the "Neo Tri-Beam," which is quintessentially an "upgraded" form of the attack that allows him to control and enhance how much energy he puts behind it, inflicting far greater damage.

The attack is extremely strong. Tien once used it against Imperfect Cell, and despite the massive gap between Cell and Tien's powers, Cell was unable to break through the repeated blasts, though they didn't do any real damage to him. Tien eventually collapsed from using the technique too much, but was saved from Cell by Goku.

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