Vegeth super sayan 9 by anto97ism-d4czlfz
The 50th Power is a milestone Super Djinn transformation. The Djinns eyes become two different colors, red and blue, and they get body fur over their entire bodies stopping at their chin and jawline in a beard-like fashion. The skin heats up and constantly bgets flushed red and there is a red fur tail which grows out of the tailbone. The eyebrows disappear and they constantly emit a powerful mystcal blue and red aura in a conctrated fashion surrounding them. Their hair changes to a dark brown and is constantly bathed in an eerie soft red light. The 50th power as its name suggests is the 50th level of Djinn Transformation and it was first accessed by Magi Jordan who's a Djinn. The pointed ears on the Djinns head also become much longer.

Usage & Power

A fully trained fully powered Djinn thats gone to the 50th power is more powerful than a Super Saiyan Vigintillion by several million times. The power is well within the realm of the gods and is considered impressive even by the infinite strength of a god. Jordan in this form was so powerful that just by existing at 1% of the 50th Powers max energy output he effected the balance and order of several solar systems just by simply being in the form.

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