"I AM FUCK EGG. YB-YES?!" - Goku upon reaching Super Saiyan 912

Super Saiyan 912 is a form first attained by Goku in the fight against Mr. Bro Bro. To attain the form, you must be a Legendary Super Saiyan ∞ and must have masturbated at least 12 times in a single day.

After these prerequisites are completed, you must snort an atlantic ocean's worth of calpol and the high will be so intense, it will let you transform into a Super Saiyan 912.

The form has no attacks aside from shooting krokodil out of your dickhole. This attack, though to be inefficient, proved to be overwhelming as Goku used ut to kill Mr. Bro Bro by trapping him in the Ultra Mega Hyperbolic Time Chamber and pissing straight krokodil in his mouth for 1000 years. This caused him to overdose and die.

The form's only ability is to become leader of Somalia, which Goku used to transform the desolate war-torn country into a bustling futuristic utopia. However, 5 minutes after Somalia successfully started its first colony on the sun, Goku pissed Krokodil over the entire country and, as a result, many people died of overdoses. With the entire world wanting him dead over ruining an entire country, Goku then fled to an alternate dimension where he mastered the art of pissing.

This let him raise and lower the intensity and force of his piss, to the point where Goku could piss a giant hole through an entire planet.

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