Super Saiyan 9 Vegeta

Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 9

"I'm not sure how it was even possible, but that form makes you look like even more of a buffoon then before, Kakarot!"

Super Saiyan 9 is a high level of Super Saiyan that comes after Super Saiyan 8, and is much more stable then the other possible transformation. This form of Super Saiyan can only be initially reached by a Saiyan defeating an opponent who is much more powerful then they are, while in the Super Saiyan 8 form. The first to earn this form was Vegeta, who achieved it after fighting Majin Shenron. After reaching this state, he stopped the rampaging Gotenks, who was in the unstable X Form. Vegeta later achieved the form in a similar battle against Majin Porunga.


Super Saiyan 9 makes the hair in the middle gold while the hair on the sides are gray and the tail color is also gray. It also makes the user hair a little longer and the tail of the user also becomes longer, the fur color becomes blueish green. And the eyes of the user turns gray, while the skin of the user becomes a little lighter.

Usage & Power

Super Saiyan 9 multiplies the base form by 1,024,000x it's normal amount. In this form, The very power that the Super Saiyan 9 form possesses can destroy the multiverse if not properly controlled. The tremendous power that the Super Saiyan 9 possess can easily shake the multiverse, and just turning into the form greatly damages the multiverse. 

However, being a Super Saiyan 9 does have its advantages. Since a Super Saiyan 9, like other forms before and after this form. Can use moves from other transformations, plus moves only this form can handle. This means that the Saiyan's moves are even more damaging, for example. When Goku transformed into this form, Goku gained a new move called Eternal Solar Kamehameha. Which is an enormously powerful, orange-colored Kamehameha wave that uses some of the the power of the Sun's energy.

Plus Goku's own energy, to create a very powerful blast that can cause enormous damage to the opponent. This was how Goku defeated his own son, when Gohan was distracted. Goku punched him in the back, then charged up using the Sun as his source of energy. He then knocked Gohan out with the blast, this blast was considered minor. Since it only knocked Gohan out, when in reality. If Goku used all of his energy, Gohan and the Universe would've been easily destroyed many times over.


  • Goku and Vegeta achieve Super Saiyan 9 while fighting two Wish-Making Dragons (Shenron and Porunga). Who was under the influence of Babidi's magic, which turned them into Majin's. It's important to note that Super Saiyan 8 has a similar control and perhaps Babidi's magic influenced the transformations of Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta.
  • This level of power can fight on a pair of Demigods and Gods.
  • May be driven permanently angry or very emotionally wild, blind and clouds the users' judgement.
  • When using this power the user may go berserk destroying friend and foe without remorse.

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