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Dragon ball af goku by afel7-d6ddk07
Super Saiyan 7 Goku
GohanSSJ6Added by GohanSSJ6
Super Saiyan 7 is the next form after Super Saiyan 6. The first to reach this form was Goku in his training with the Dragon Gods.It can be only reached if the user has already died at least once and is at least half-saiyan. Saiyan.


Super Saiyan 7 just makes the Great Ape have a golden chest and red eyes.He is bigger than the average Super Saiyan 5 but smaller than a Great Ape.

Usage & Power

Super Saiyan 7 multiplies the power of the Super Saiyan 6 by 7. It darkens the entire figure of the Super Saiyan 6. Super Saiyan 7 gives the users form-exclusive signature attacks. For example, Gohan's ultimate move in this form is a 10x Electric Kamehameha, a move that uses combines the use of electricity and a kamehameha and is maximized by 10.


  • This level is considered just a smaller Great Ape
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