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Super Saiyan 7 Goku

Super Saiyan 7 is the next form after Super Saiyan 6. The first to reach this form was Goku in his training with the Dragon Gods. It can be only reached if the user has already died at least once and is at least half-saiyan.


Super Saiyan 7 is an upgrade of the Super Saiyan 6's in appearance and power. The gold color of the Super Saiyan 6's hair is upgraded to a dark purple color and the fur is upgraded to a black color, The hair and tail is increased in length as well, giving an appearance similar to a Super Saiyan 6. The reddish-brown skin pigment that a Super Saiyan 5 possesses is glorified, brightened, and lightened to a tan color. However, the user's eye color changes to a dark blue color and the sclera (also known as the white of the eye) is black, and the eyes are lined with a dark purple color. The Super Saiyan 7 voice deepens even more. And the behavior becomes even more serious than the Super Saiyan 6.

Usage & Power

Super Saiyan 7 multiplies the base form by 128,000x it's normal amount. In this form, the very power that the Super Saiyan 7 form possesses can destroy universes if not properly controlled, the tremendous power that the Super Saiyan 7 possess can easily shake universes. And just turning into the form greatly damages universes.


  • This level of power can fight on a pair of Demigods and Gods.
  • May be driven permanently angry or very emotionally wild, blind and clouds the users' judgement.
  • When using this power the user may go berserk destroying friend and foe without remorse.

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