" I do not fight to get stronger, or be the strongest. I fight to defeat my enemies with my friends and protect the planet that protected me! I am....! A Super Saiyan 5! -Goku"

How to obtain

To unleash a super Saiyan five power one must have a stronger enemy that they must face. A perfec

Goku as super saiyan 5 fighting majin bu with shortened hair due to majin bu's attacks.

t example was when Goku fought super bu, but couldn't do it even with the help of Vegeta. One must also have all previous forms (ssj1,ssj2,ssj3,ssj4).

Power and Apearence

A super Saiyan fives power is 30 times stronger than a super saiyan four. They were thought to be the most powerful beings in the universe, but actually extremely weak compared to some characters. A super saiyan five looks a lot like a super saiyan three, but has blue hair and longer hair. A ss5 also has blue marks on their face, and blue eyes. Whatever the user is wearing turns blue.


Super Saiyan 5

Goku ss5 toying with super bu (before shortened hair)

The first to obtain ss5 was Goku, fighting super bu as a ss4 with Vegeta. He needed more strength, and eventually transformed into a powerful saiyan that surprised everyone. Vegeta obtained ss5 by training in the hyperbolic time chamber, and King Kai helped him train. Goku and Vegeta are the only to achieve ss5.

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