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Super Saiyan 200 is a Super Saiyan transformation that only Goku and Vegeta had reached just before they reached the Super Angel form. They can use Magic Materialization in this form. This form can be achieved if the person has trained in all other forms, including a Super Saiyan 100. The users also have to have a pure heart, and be able to even use magic to gain this form. They must be in a battle where they have no chance of winning in Super Saiyan 100. When they try a desperate explosion, they must not be afraid of dying. At the last minute, they must use the energy that was to be used for the explosion, store it in their bodies, and have a state of peace in their mind causing them to reach this form.


The Saiyan in this form looks like a Super Saiyan 200000000000000000000000000000 but their hair turns pink, their fur turns violet, their tail turns purple, and their irises turns any color that their magic color is (e.g., blue magic equals blue eyes). Their muscles are nothing in comparison to RYAN SIDHU (WAS HEREEEEE!) up. A lighting aura surrounds the person.

Skills and Power

Super Saiyan 200's use telekinesis, energy blasts, and hand-to-hand combat to defeat their opponent. They can use skills from another, weaker form (e.g., a Super Saiyan 100 skill), plus moves only a Super Saiyan 200 can handle. For example, when Goku reaches this form, he can use 10x Kamehameha, a Super Saiyan 4 move, plus a 10,000x Stellar Kamehameha (a type of kamehameha that uses the power of the nearest stars and is maximized by 10,000), and the x1,000 Spirit Bomb, two moves only a Super Saiyan 200 can handle. As for the power part, a Super Saiyan 200 multiplies the power of Super Saiyan 100 by 200, making them a very powerful warrior. Their power levels can reach into the tredecillions (1 with 42 zeros), possibly more, depending on the amount of training the user has done.

People and History

So far, Goku and Vegeta are the only two Saiyans who can reach Super Saiyan 200 and beyond. This is because they died long ago and were revived in bodies that could withstand this power, they're intelligent, can do magic, can transform into their other forms at will, and have experienced negative feelings in the past.

Goku was the first to reach this form, and he reached it while training with the Kais. Vegeta reached this form while training with Goku and the Kais. They transformed on the same day.

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