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Super saiyan 100

vegeta jr ssj 100


"Yes... yes, this power will do just nicely."

Goku, Goku Jr, Vegeta, Vegeta Jr upon transforming.

Super Saiyan Infinity
Alternate names Super Saiyan 100





Class Transformation

Obtaining Super Saiyan 100 or Uber Saiyan is extremely difficult because the only known ways to obtain it are to train for one's absolute peak for 5 full years in the Super Saiyan 10 form, or to absorb an amount of energy equivalent to that of five Super Saiyan 10s. Once one of these criteria is met, the Saiyan immediately transforms. Goku was first to achieve this form, by traveling into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, intending to train in preparation for the arrival of the Galaxy Destroyers on Earth, and then ended up escaping with Instant Transmission after transforming (since the exit had long since vanished), as he felt the power of the form was more than enough to achieve victory. In the time before the battle with the Galaxy Destroyers Vegeta, Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. had decided to train in their Super Saiyan 5 forms in order to help Goku, who despite his newfound power still had a difficult time in combat against the oncoming villains.

Usage & Power

Super Saiyan Infinity multiplies the base form by 1,024,000,000x its normal amount. Use of this form at even a tiny fraction of its full power would still give the user power far surpassing that of God of Destruction Beerus. If it were to be used at full power, destruction of at least one universe is certain, possibly causing a ripple effect that could severely damage the entire multiverse. Therefore, Super Saiyan Infinity would be a massive threat to the existence of life and cannot be used unless its power is reduced to a minute fraction. Even then it is still extremely dangerous to the user and everyone around him, friend or foe.


  • While this form would technically be called Super Saiyan 11, Kibito Kai states that the form is "far too powerful to merit just a one number increase", and begins referring to it as Super Saiyan Infinity instead.
  • The Super Saiyan Infinity form gives users a new attack called the Infinite Spirit Bomb which allows them to gather energy from every dimension and multiply its power by many times. The user also gains the Kamehameha x10 Trillion, although one punch at low power would be more than enough to finish off most enemies...
  • A Saiyan in this form is completely calm (Which is the reason why Goku and Goku Jr are able to form the Spirit Bomb in this form).
  • While this form is reached following Super Saiyan 10, it does not resemble that form at all, and instead resembles previous forms much more closely. The reason for this is that it is actually an Ape-lineage Super Saiyan form (Not a True Super Saiyan form), but much more powerful than the others.
  • Interestingly Super Saiyan Infinity multiplies the power of the Super Saiyan 10 by 100. This is one reason why Kibito Kai refers to it as Super Saiyan Infinity.
  • Assuming that this form can be utilized more than once, it is the most powerful form in the entirety of the Dragon Ball fandom. It far surpasses the power of Super Saiyan God, where its multiplier is only 20,000x the user's normal form and can only be utilized once.

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