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Super Saiyan 10 Goku

"Good good, this should make things fun."
— Goku, Goku Jr., Vegeta & Vegeta Jr.

Super Saiyan 10 - Is the strongest level of Super Saiyan that a Saiyan can reach. Goku was able to reach this form naturally while training for the arrival of Haifeiru's brother's (Monstro) arrival users of this form can control magic manifestations and objects with their very thoughts. while Vegeta achieved it through immense training while Goku was out fighting Monstro in Super Saiyan 5 form which he achieved through fusion with Porunga.


Super Saiyan 10 resembles the Super Saiyan 5 form but the fur on the body is gone. The hair itself grows to shocking lengths as it becomes a mixture of the Super Saiyan form and Super Saiyan 3 form, and the hair color turns to a silverish-white color. But the hair resembles light and the body resembles darkness, the body becomes more muscular than the Super Saiyan 5's and silverish-white fur are on the arms and legs.

The Super Saiyan 10's voice deepens yet again, and the user's tail turns a silverish-white color. Plus the user's wears a golden necklace, golden boots with a red stripe tied, and a red belt, along with red wristbands, and the rest of the attire consists of white pants and a red sash.

Usage & Power

Super Saiyan 10 multiplies the base form by 10,240,000x it's normal amount. In this form, Use of Super Saiyan 10 can bring the user's power to amounts high enough to destroy universes and possibly the entire multiverse if not used extremely carefully.


  • Of all the forms after Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 10 is the one that resembles it the least. However it hardly resembles any of the other Saiyan forms. Even though Vegeta achieved it it was not through any machine as a machine would not have the capacity to transform a Saiyan into 10 as it would create a force field and would destroy the user as well as the Saiyan using it. Vegeta got it through immense training while Goku was fighting a 5 year war with Monstro (Haiferus brother.)
  • This level of power can fight on a pair of Demigods and Gods.
  • May be driven permanently angry or very emotionally wild, blind and clouds the users' judgement.
  • When using this power the user may go berserk destroying friend and foe without remorse.

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