Super Kaio-ken

[1]超界王拳 Chou Kaiō-ken

Alternate names

Super King Kai Fist Super World Lord Fist Sūpā Kaio-ken Chou Kaio-ken


"Goku vs. Pikkon"





Goku Jr.


Power Up

Similar Techniques

Super Saiyan


Super Kaio-ken is a combination of the Super Saiyan transformation and the Kaio-ken technique Kaio-ken.

Overview Edit


Goku sends Pikkon to an asteroid

Goku uses this technique while fighting in the Other World Tournament against Pikkon. By using the power of Kaio-ken while in his Super Saiyan form, Goku gains a massive power increase. Goku is seen punching Pikkon towards an asteroid orbiting the Other World Stadium, after which he reverts to his Super Saiyan form.

Goku is never seen using this technique again after he used it against Pikkon.

Appearances in games Edit

In the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, Goku can use this Kaio-ken in combination with any of his appearing Super Saiyan forms: Super Saiyan, 2nd Grade Super SaiyanSuper Saiyan 2Super Saiyan 3Golden Great Ape, and Super Saiyan 4.

In Jump Super Stars, Goku can oddly use this in his Battle Koma 5 as his Special B/Up Special, being able to use it as a charged attack which increases the amount of physical blows he will perform in the brief combo for that one attack. It is used in the same fashion as the Super Kaio-ken (due to BK5 Goku being in Super Saiyan mode by default), only Goku simply does the red aura's outline with no actual change to his colors inside of said aura. It has been somewhat rectified in Jump Ultimate Stars, with Goku having his Battle Koma 5 being in his normal form instead.

In Super Dragon Ball Z Goku is able to use Super Kaio-ken by transforming into a Super Saiyan then using Kaio-ken.

Other Users

Goku Jr.

One of Goku Jr's signature techniques, he acquired this technique when he tried to combine his legendary super saiyan transformation with the kaiaked technique. While this is debated to be his most powerful attack, allowing him to multiply his own body's power up to 110x any of his ssj transformations, this severely drains him to the point where if overdone, his entire body becomes completely drained of any strength. This was evident when he attempted to use super kaioken in his legendary super saiyan form; after using the technique to its maximum multiplier, goku jr, diverted back to his base form (this is strange considering that Lssj should normally be maintained for one hour)and was completely unable to move since all of his strength was drained. As a result, he has refrained from trying this technique in his super saiyan god form and ultimate form, because the overuse of power and strain on his body could potentially kill him.

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