The Super Ghost Balloon is an follow-on from Gotenks' well known Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. During the battle between the former and Super Buu, Gotenks unleashed this attack whilst showing off his Super Saiyan 3 power. Gotenks produces the attack by blowing out what appears to be a golden-colored balloon that soon bursts in a blinding flash of light into a cluster of Kamikaze Ghosts. Overall, it is just an easier way of unleashing the Super Ghost attack without having to take such a deep breath. The attack was only used once against Super Buu, who got himself blown inside out by the increased strength of the ghosts.

Another follow up to the Super Ghost attack could be the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack x 100, which Gotenks uses in the movie Fusion Reborn. This is pretty much the regular Super Ghost attack, except they are released at a massively quick rate.

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