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Super Galaxy Gun (スーパギャリック砲, Chou Gyarikku Hou) is a full-powered Galaxy Gun capable of destroying whole planets if charged, and weakening their foundations and causing enormous destruction even when it's uncharged. It was performed by Ryun while in the Great Ape and Golden Great Ape state and may have only been able to be performed by those transformations, as Ryun himself never used the move. To utilize it, Ryun forms the energy in both his hands, then fires a bright and blazing ki wave. The Super Galaxy Gun can be augmented further by heavily charging it, drastically increasing its destructive power to the very utmost. The hand movements to perform the attack are the same, but the charging takes longer because of the extra ki power being put into it. When the user charges it, some of the generated energy flies out as beams of light.