The Spirit Crusher is Tora's signature attack.


The Spirit Crusher was created by Tora when he was in the World Trade Organization. It is performed by bringing the right hand up, gathering energy. And when it is charged, the user throws it at the opponent. It has a very destructive force to it and can destroy planets. Most of the time, the user will yell out the name while throwing the attack, but it isn't necessary.


When Tora first used it, it had a fiery appearance and consumed the user's entire arm. But later on it became more tamed and it was a simple energy ball. It is white and is very bright. The size of the attack is determined by how much energy the user puts in it. If the user puts a little energy in it, it would be the size of a baseball, if the user puts a lot of energy in it, it would be the size of a basketball or larger.

Power and Usage

It is a extremely powerful attack that can destroy small planets. Although he knows many other techniques, Tora is mostly known for this attack. Tora and a couple others have used it in battle. Tora uses the attack in every battle he's been in. Goku Jr and Riku have premature versions of the attack but they are almost as strong as the original. There are enhanced versions of the attack like the 10x Spirit Crusher.

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