The South Kai (南の界王 Minami no Kaiô) is the ruler of the South quadrant of the galaxy. He is tall, has light pink skin, and is peace-loving. He is the only Kai besides King Kai to appear in the manga. He trains his fighters in a defensive matter. Fighters of his quadrant include Torbie, Froug, and Caterpy. His newest fighter is Papoi. All of his fighters lost in early rounds of the tournement.

He has the ability to raise the weight on training weights, as is seen when King Kai instructs him to increase Goku's training weights to ten tons each. South Kai then shoots out a wave, crying out the new weight, as the weights are adjusted. He seems confident that Goku won't be able to lift the far heavier load, but gets baffled when Goku turns Super Saiyan and starts to train with ease. East Kai and himself don't mind King Kai and West Kai's rivalry, and almost seem to enjoy it. He was also the one to jokingly suggest that the failed Fusion attempt between Goku and Vegeta should be named Veku in the Fusion Reborn movie. He, like East and West Kai makes fun of how King Kai is dead and cheers about it too.

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