Sonic The Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive and he is very powerful. He has some very good friends from his series and the Dragon Ball Z series. He also has a brother named Manic and a sister named Sonia. He has many rivals also like Eggman/Robotnik,Ashura,Metal Sonic,Mephilies,Shadow and many others. The reason why he has many friends from Dragon Ball Z is when he was a kid back in the 90's he met Gohan and Goku. That's where it all started DBZ friend wise. Sonic in his base form has a power level of unlimited. He's already powerful,but when he transforms he kicks some major butt. He's the holder of the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds which have unlimited power and that's why Sonic has a high power level . But when he transforms he has even more power. He even has a crush on Pan (Gohan's daughter). Sonic and Pan dated once for 1 day. But the reason why they only dated for one day is because Bulla (Vegeta's daughter) broke them up by making Pan to break up with Sonic. He's still single,but he wonders if Pan really likes him or not. Pan sometimes leaves hints that Sonic think about and sometimes it seems like Pan loves Sonic back,but it's still unknown. Sonic also learned many special moves from his friends like Vegeta,Ashura,and Pikkon. He learned Thunder Flash,Final Shine Attack,Big Bang Attack,Final Flash,Raging Rose Beam, and many others. He even learned the Kaioken from King Kai,the Kamehameha wave,and Spirit Bomb. Back when Sonic met Ashura,Sonic noticed how evil and cruel he was,but later on when they got to know each other Ashura is now an Anti-Hero. He also can sing very well. His transformations are very powerful like his Super Sonic form,True Super Sonic form,Infinity Super Sonic,Hyper Sonic,Dark Sonic,Darkspines Sonic,Evil Sonic,Pure Evil Sonic, and many others that Sonic himself doesn't know he has. His power is a mystery though when he turns Dark Sonic,Evil Sonic,and Pure Evil Sonic. Those transformations happen when Sonic is very angry and he can't control his power. This is the Dark and Evil power of the Chaos Emeralds. But when he went really out of control is when Gohan was evil and he killed Pan. That's when his anger crossed the line and he was out of control. But a sacrifice had to be made that day. He had to take out Gohan's evil energy which he did,but he had to cause an explosion to destroy the evil energy. Not only that,but his Chaos Emerald energy was able to bring Pan back to life. That day he died and everyone thought so to. But he wasn't dead. He doesn't even know how he survived. Sonic is just as strong as Goku with the Chaos Emeralds and his power still remains a mystery. It's also unknown if Pan and Sonic are going to date again.

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