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 A Scouter es used 4 teh mesurement ef one's

pwoer level, first Appeared by teh hands ef Raditz

mesuring teh pwoer level ef teh farmer (5)

A Scouter has been used untill teh end ef teh frieza saga

(wiv teh exception ef Yo! Son Goku n His Friends Return!)

Altough teh scouter does mesure teh pwoer level

ef a fighter, et dsnt shwo if teh fighter es holding


Scouter uses:

Vegeta n nappa vs goku:

Nappa: Vegeta, wot does teh scouter sya abot his pwoer level?

Vegeta: et's 1006 

Nappa: Wha... rly?! 

Vegeta: Yea, kick his ass nappa!

Nappa: YAY

Nappa: *Gets beat up by Goku*

Vegeta: dat dsnt seem right?! wayt, wayt, wayt, wayt, NAPPA!


Vegeta: ei had teh scouter upside down. et's over 9000... rah. * Breaks Scouter*

Nappa: wai dew yuo sound so boorrrrreeeddd!

Vegeta: cuz hi's still not a threat

Nappa: Wha...?

Vegeta: tew meh...

Bulma mesuring krillin n Master roshi's pwoer level:

Krillin's pwoer level wuz 206

Turtle's pwoer level wuz 0.0001

n Master Roshi's pwoer level wuz 139 (altough his maximum pwoer form's pwoer level

es unknown, Babidi sayd dat yuo ned 300 "killis" tew destroy a planut when spuer saiyan goku

had 3000, Goku's pwoer level being 180,000,000 , therfore Master Roshi's maximum pwoer level

should hav been around 18,000,000). Even tuff dis es impossible cuz goku spuer saiyan strength wuz 16 million, not 180,000,000. Freiza first form wuz 530,000. n n dis form hi destroyed planut Vegeta. n his sec form his pwoer level es over 1 million. n his third form et es a little over 4 million. n n his final form hi es at 6 million. His full pwoer es 12 million.

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