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Salza (Sauzer) is Cooler's top henchman and leader of the Cooler Armored Force. Salza is exceptionally handsome and is modeled somewhat similar to Zarbon. He has a special maneuver called the Salza Blade, which, along with Vegito's energy blade, is a forcefield similar to that of a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise. He also has a technique similar to Vegito's Banshee blast where he fires a blast from each finger. Salza is the same alien race as Jeice and he has a rivalry with Captain Ginyu.



Salza is from Planet Coola No.98. His home planet had a very high gravity, which is why he has a lean body, but also makes him very fast and agile on other planets. He has a bit of a competitive rivalry with Ginyu, and is one of the few people who knows Ginyu's true form. He is from the same solar system as Jheese, which has two suns. His name is derived from Thousand Island salad dressing.

He successfully takes down Gohan and Krillin but after attacking Piccolo and failing to defeat him, he is slammed into the mountains nearby when Goku becomes enraged and prepares to battle Cooler. However, after Cooler is defeated, Salza emerges from the rubble, ready to exterminate what remained of the battle-weary Goku, Gohan, and Krillin. Unfortunately for him, Piccolo shot a Special Beam Cannon right through him, killing him. He later returns in Dragon Ball GT, only to be defeated once again.

His name is a pun on Thousand salad dressing. While in the FUNimation Dub, his name is a pun off of the Spanish word for sauce, Salsa.

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, his voice is slightly different than his movie appearance. In the movie, he was given a high-pitched french accent, whereas in Tenkaichi 2, he sounded slightly similar to Vegeta [albeit with an alien voice filter]

Other appearances

Along with countless other Dragon Ball antagonists, Salza makes a cameo appearance in the 1995 film Fusion Reborn when the residents of Hell make their escape to Earth.

Special abilities

  • Salza Blade — Salza holds out his hand and creates a purple beam of energy similar to Vegito's Spirit Sword attack.
  • Super Energy Wave Volley — Salza launches a massive barrage of golden-yellow ki blasts, causing a massive accumulation of damage.
  • Flight — The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Energy Finger Beam — Yellow beams of ki shot from Salza's fingers, similar to Vegito's Banshee Blast attack.

Voice actors

  • Japanese Dub: Sho Hayami
  • FUNimation Dub: Michael Marco

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