SVX is the descendant of Vegeta, great grandson of Bulla, brother of Sharotto and Asper, father of Trunks Jr, the strongest Brief of his generation. He is the second strongest and one of the members of the New Z Fighters.


At the end of the Kuriza Saga and the Super Saiyan 4 Saga, he had spiky, brown hair with two locks hanging in his face, similar to Vegetio and Zaiko (Xicor). By the end of the Evil Super Saiyan 4 Saga, he cut his hair similar to Gohan (to his dismay). Before cutting his hair, he wore Saiyan armor similar to Tora's, but his jumpsuit was grey and had sleeves. Near the end of the Evil Super Saiyan 4 Saga, he requested to Redick to give him new armor. It had a shoulder blade on the right side with the Saiyan Royal Symbol on the his chest. Also during the Evil Goku Saga, he briefly wore grey Saiyan armor with orange pants and yellow-tipped boots. He received his facial features from Vegeta.


SVX is sort of like Vegeta in some ways. He doesn't really show compassion towards others, including his own wife and kid. He is also filled with Saiyan pride that it is extremely rare for him to ask for help, although he will ask if he absolutely needs it. He can also be obsessed with keeping his family's honor, sometimes to the point where he hallucinates about Vegeta, wanting him to train harder.


Super Saiyan

SVX achieved this form in Outer Space while training with his sisters. It was the first time his hallucinations of Vegeta began. He then angers himself into a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan SVX

Ultra Super Saiyan

SVX achieved this form during the year long training before the battle against Gigabyte. He never perfected the form that limits his speed.

Ultra Super Saiyan SVX

Super Saiyan 2

SVX achieved this form somewhere between the Gigabyte Saga and the Ultimate Cell Saga. This was his ultimate transformation until he turned Super Saiyan 3 while fighting Rigor.

Super Saiyan 2 SVX

Evil Super Saiyan 4

This form was achieved when SVX pushed himself to the brink and an evil spirit that escaped from Hell boosted his power to become an Evil Super Saiyan 4. He lost this transformation after Goku Jr used the Separation Kamehameha.
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Evil Super Saiyan 4 SVX