Saiyan Z is one of the 3 saiyans that Frezia used tests on. Out of all 3 mec saiyans, Z is the fastest and has killed many Z fighters.


Saiyan's Z,Y and X came to earth under Frezia's past orders. when they got there Z ran into Tien and Yamcha and killed them.

Not sensing there ki, the rest of the Z fighters came to the spot where Saiyan Z was. Goku was the first to fight and atacked Saiyan X, who almost killed Z when he fired a Super X Beam at Goku who dodged it.

Then Vegeta came and atacked Saiyan's Y and Z befor being killed by Z's Electric Punisher. Saiyan Z looks around and sees Gotrunkten, the potara fusion between Goten and Trunks atacking and defeting Saiyan Y.

He then kills Gohan which enrages Gotrunkten who atacks him

He soon combinds with Saiyan X to become Saiyan Alpha.


  • Electric Punisher, Saiyan Z's only known atack, he has his left hand filed with lighting and strikes at his aponent istently killing them


Utimate Super Saiyan

When Saiyan Z is desprete, he gos all out at his full power.

Saiyan Alpha

When the mec Saiyans are in trouble the all fuse to become Saiyan Alpha, who has a power level of 980,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,!


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