The Saibamen were minions of the Sayians. They are contained in jars and act sort of like plants. A sayian plants Saibamen into the ground, then they pour the goo on the ground in which the Saibamen are in. Then instead of sprouting like a plant, they turn into short, green killing machines. In the Sayian battles in Dragon Ball Z six Saibamen were used. Vegeta killed one because it "Underestimated" Yamcha. The 2nd Saibamen fought Yamcha, Which self-destructed, killing Yamcha. The Other four were killed by Tien, Krillin, Chaiotzu, Piccolo, and Gohan. Nappa said in shock "But they were at least as strong as Raditz was, which was 1200." So it is confirmed that Saibamen have a power level of 1200.

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