The Ryu-Ken! Explode! is an attack created by Ryun to destroy Draj during the Atomix Saga. The attack is the user transfers energy that can be meant for the Dragon Fist into a sword and slices his or her opponent causing them either to be burst open by a dragon or explode.

Power and Usage

The power of the attack is said to be on an atomic scale, capable of destroying the majority of the Earth. While it is extremely powerful, it is only focused on a certain object or opponent. It is about as powerful as, if not stronger than the Dragon Fist. Only two people have used the attack, Ryun and Goku Jr. Ryun was the first to use it during the fight against Draj, asking Goku Jr to surround the villain in an Energy Barrier immediately after he performs the attack. While Ryun has used it multiple times again, Goku Jr tried to kill Parodo, only for him to survive.
IMG 20140428 171026

Atomix being attacked by the Ryu-Ken! Explode!


The attack is marvelous as it is deadly. There are two versions of the attack;

  • 1. The user gathers energy that can be meant for the Dragon Fist and transfers it into a sword and slices his/her opponent while shouting,"Ryu-Ken," then as they put away their sword, yells,"Explode!" causing a bright orange dragon to burst from the opponent's body.
  • 2. The user gathers energy and transfers it into a sword and slices his opponent while shouting,"Ryu-Ken," soon after yells,"Explode!" causing the opponent to explode surrounded by a blue and white or yellow blast.
    IMG 20140428 171112

    Goku Jr using the Ryu-Ken! Explode!


  • The attack was meant to be another version of the Dragon Fist, for it being called Ryu-Ken! Explode!, but it turned out to be a whole other attack.
  • This one of two attacks created by Ryun to destroy major villains.

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