Romin is a pure saiyan that fought Frieza and left planet Vegeta before it exploded. He is Goku's cousin on his Sharatto's side of the family.


Romin looks like a man with curly hair


Super Saiyan

Romin first reached this form when we witnessed Frezia destroying his brother,Lentias. He fought, but Romin had no chance to destroy Frezia, and was forced out of this form.

Super Saiyan XXX

He and Goku reached this form together by training in the Otherworld. Romin uses this form many times. When Goku is charging energy for the Spirit Bomb to destroy Majin Buu, he goes into Super Saiyan 2 to give him as much energy as possible.

Super Saiyan 19

He only uses this form once and it is super strong. When the Z Fighters are fighting the villains from the otherworld he destroys Mercenary Tao and Cymbal.

Super Saiyan 14

This form was first reached by Romin when he fought Frezia and died instantly by his Death Beam and came back to life. Because of it's huge power, this form can only be used once a year.


Lightning beam:This is a basic lightning based attack. He shoots lightning out of his fingers.

Nuclear Atom bomb: Romin's own style attack, he creates a giant energy bomb that explodes on impact.

Galaxy Canon: His signature attack, Romin attacks with a powerful energy blast.

Galaxy Crusher: Romin's all time favorite move. He rushes at the opponent and then finishes them off with a full power Galaxy Canon.

Ultimate Electric Rush: He attacks his enemy with punches and kicks, lightning going through his body.

Cutter Beam: An attack that cuts trough everything in it's path.

Stealth Cloak: He makes himself invisible for 5 minuets.

Spirit Punisher: An attack that sends his opponent in the air and fires an energy blast at him.

Full Power Finish Grenade: Romin's finishing move uses all of his energy to destroy his opponent.

Kamehameha: Taught to him by Goku in the otherworld. He cups his hands together and fires an energy wave.

Blazing Blaster Omega Shenron Punch x5 Billion : he using dragon ball to use this technique

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