Red Ball Shenron was created when Piccolo wished King Piccolo back to life in Dragon Ball AF. The new combined fusion then created an entirely new set of Dragon Balls that were so powerful they were spread across the entire universe, instead of the earth like the normal Dragon Balls or the galaxy like the Black Star Dragon Balls History

Red Ball Shenron is the Eternal Dragon created when the Red Ball Dragon Balls, which look like the normal Dragon Balls, except for the fact that the stars are orange and the rest is red. He can only be summoned every 10 million years, and even then he can only be summoned when someone willingly sacrifices themselves to his power. He was created when all the Nameks combined their power to create the Red Ball Dragon Balls. He is huge in comparison to even Black Star Shenron. His head alone is twice as large as the Earth, and his body is so huge that if he is summoned on Earth, his body would stretch to Neptune and back 15 times. Wishes that he grants can only be reversed by another wish to him. Wishes granted by him are so powerful that unless the balls are collected in 10 million years, the galaxy that he was summoned in will be permanently destroyed. He is also able to grant two wishes, and the summoner can use one of the wishes to prevent the galaxy from being destroyed. He can do such incredible acts as bringing every creature in the Other World back to life, killing all beings in the universe, or even reducing the power levels of the Z-Fighters to zero. However he can only be commanded to perform a wish by a Supreme Kai.

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