Pterodactyls are huge flying dinosaurs. They live in Mount Paozu but are also seen outside in many other places of the Earth. One captured Bulma on the first episode of Dragon Ball but is knocked down by Goku's Power Pole. In a later episode one is seen in the beginning hiding from Goku before his encounter with the Bear Thief. It is possible it is the same one from the first episode. Giran, a dinosaur that appears later on in the series, has many other friends that are dinosaurs it is unknown if this Pterodactyl is one of them or has any relation to Giran or his gang.

Video games

Pterodactyl's are not seen in the Dragon Ball fighting games but are seen in the adventure games.

  • Pterodactyl's are common enemy's in Dragon Ball on the NES and in Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku a side quest involves you searching for a mother Pterodactyl's eggs.

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