Dragon Ball Power Levels

Kid Goku is 76

Bulma is 6

Kami is 110

Demon King Piccolo is 66

Master Roshi is 176

Yamcha is 71

Dragon Ball UC Power Levels

Goku is 523

Goku ss1 is 2,569

Goku ss2 is 5,789

Goku ss3 is 15,989

Goku ss4 is 73,183

Goku ss5 is 2,195,490

Goku ss6 is 175,639,200

Vegeta is 501

Vegeta ss1 is 2,367

Vegeta ss2 is 5,018

Vegeta ss3 is 14,909

Vegeta ss4 is 73,168

Vegeta ss5 is 2,195,470

Gogeta is 702

Gogeta ss1 is 3,231

Gogeta ss2 is 6,111

Gogeta ss3 is 17,328

Frieza is 214

Frieza2 is 381

Frieza3 is 919

Frieza4 is 6,254

Frieza5 is 16,571

Android 16 is 2,109

Android 17 is 16,381

Android 18 is 73,177

Future Trunks is 489

Future Trunks ss1 is 1,801

Future Trunks ss2 is 5,007

Gohan is 497

Gohan ss1 is 1,831

Gohan ss2 is 5,011

Ultimate Gohan is 14,231

Imperfect Cell is 1,116

Evolving Cell is 7,000

Perfect Cell is 19,796

Ultra Perfect Cell is 71,140

Majin Vegeta is 559

Majin Vegeta ss1 is 2,498

Majin Bu is 5,625

Kid Bu is 21,698

Super Bu is 365,915

Piccolo is 341

Super Namek Piccolo is 3,512

Giant Namek Piccolo is 11,953

Yamcha is 70

Tien is 130

Master Roshi 176

Krillen is 312

Angry Mode Krillen is 1,481

Golden Goose Krillen is 12,632


Kid Goku Showing off his new amazing power level to demon king piccolo.


Super Bu toying with two super sayain fours.


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