Planet Yardrat is the planet in which Goku crash-lands on after his fight with Frieza on Planet Namek. It is also the planet the Ginyu Force was scheduled to invade before being relocated to Namek.

While on the planet, the "Yardratians" nurse Goku back to health and soon afterward he is taught the Instant Transmission technique. Goku stays on the planet for about a year before heading back to Earth.

The Inhabitants

Not much is said about the inhabitants other then some of their interesting techniques and their fashions (Goku is given a Yardrat warrior outfit). The inhabitants are seen in a flashback in the anime. They appear to be red, with large heads and big eyes and are said by Goku to have appetites that could rival Saiyans', more specifically his own.

Video Game Appearance

In the game, Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, Goku battles against a powerful Yardrat warrior named Soba, who is exclusive to the game.

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