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Pit Bull Pete is a professional fighter/scammer. In Episode 272 (287 in the uncut), Celebrations with Majin Buu, Majin Buu wants to buy fourteen ice cream cones but has no money, so he goes looking for money, and soon discovers Pit Bull Pete and his manager offering a hundred zeni to anyone who can last for three minutes in a fight against him. Buu, of course, entered the fight, and apparently was the first to do so, as the entry fee is ten thousand zeni, and Pit Bull Pete is a professional. A fan of Hercule's pays the ten thousand for Buu because he thinks that Buu is one of Hercule's students. Pete punches Buu repeatedly, but of course Buu is unaffected and slaps him into a brick wall, knocking him out and winning the money. He spends it all on ice cream and tells the shop owner to keep the change. Later, when Bulma asks him to hold the groceries for her while shopping for jewelry (Vegeta and Trunks ran off because the shopping took more than an hour), Pit Bull Pete and his manager return and try to rob the store. However, they panic when they see Buu, and Pit Bull Pete shoots Buu, but he is unaffected of course. Great Saiyaman and Saiyagirl arrive to stop the robbery, but they show up too late - Pete and his manager turn themselves in to the police, afraid of having to fight Buu.

It is unclear as to why he was revived with the Dragonballs as he was a criminal, as about four months earlier the Earth had been obliterated by Kid Buu. It is possible that he had not got to committing any crimes until about this time. Other than that, one must wonder exactly how many people were revived who didn't count as "the most evil" people on Earth.

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