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Once was the castle of Emperor Pilaf located in the Diablo Desert but turned into a pile of ruble by Goku when he looked at the full moon and became a Great Ape. The castle was built by one of Pilaf's older ancestors. The first floor of the castle is a dark maze filled with many traps and can be viewed by Pilaf in his control room. Their is also an entire room that is a giant Pinball Machine which is a trap for intruders (Seen in an anime filler in episode 11). Pilaf has his throne room where he eats and is visited by Shu and Mai to report their failures. Their is apparently only one bedroom that all three of them share as all three of their beds are in the same room. The Castle has a hangar where airplanes are launched. The Castle has a weather control device above it for Pilaf to make a thunderstorm happen to shock Shu and Mai after failed missions. Pilaf has a giant incubator where he keeps prisoners to die out in the heat like what he was going to do to Goku and the others after ruining his wish. The castle has been seen to be patrolled by Wolfs. After the destruction of Pilaf's castle he resorted to other bases he inherited.

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