Penetrate! (Budokai Tenkaichi 3) or Super Dragon Fist (Budokai 3) is the name given to the attack that Goku used to defeat King Piccolo in the original Dragon Ball manga and anime. Goku starts off the move by knocking his opponent into the air, followed up by a Kamehameha to pursue them (due to his inability to fly at the time). He then skyrockets into the air exclaiming that he is going to put "everything I got into this move!" As Goku prepares clinching his right fist tightly, a silhouette of the Great Ape appears which is said to represent Goku's hidden powers. The opponent then tries to brace themselves for the impact, but the punch is much too powerful and the attack goes right through their torso area, leaving nothing except a large, gaping hole.

This attack may be a precursor to the Dragon Fist technique used by Goku in Dragon Ball GT and the movie Wrath of the Dragon.

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