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Another one of Frieza's henchmen on Namek, Orin is the same alien race as Appule and Boysenberry except he is an orange humanoid octopus-like alen with large fangs, no spots on his arms, head, and legs, and red eyes. Orin is the one who finds the Namekian village that Vegeta had attacked for its Dragon Ball. He interrogates the sole survivor, and learns that it was Vegeta’s doing. Orin then kills the Namekian and returns to Frieza’s ship to report. He lets it slip he killed the survivor without first asking where Vegeta may have hidden the Dragon Ball, which angers Freeza. He then kills Orin without a second thought, zapping him with ki beams from his eyes. Strangely enough, he was not resurrected apparently when Shenron and the Earth Dragonballs were used to resurrect all who Frieza had killed on Namek. This might be due to the fact that he was one of Frieza's gang. He later appears in hell alongside Appule and other past villains and the oni, watching the fight between Goku and Kid Buu.

Note that Orin only appears in the anime. In the manga, it is Appule who discovers the village Vegeta destroyed, and upon returning to report Freeza does not kill him but orders him to summon The Ginyu Force.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese Dub: Kazumi Tanaka
  • Ocean Dub: Scott McNeil
  • FUNimation Dub: Chris Cason

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