Oreh is a descendant of Goku and Vegeta, the son of Goku Jr and Sharotto, and the great grandchild of Pan and Bulla. He is a member of the New Z Fighters, being one of the strongest members.


Oreh was made to replace his father as leader, but stepped down after he was revived. He is meant to be the hero of the Earth, comically, his name is,"Hero" backwards. His immense strength and righteousness makes him an extraordinary warrior.


Oreh has milky white skin like his great great grandfather Gohan. Like his ancestor, Goku, he has a slender yet muscular body. He has black hair in a style of Gohan as a teenager. Before training in the Training Universe, he wore an Orange Star High School uniform similar to Gohan's. While in the Training Universe, his new best friend, Gilligan, gave him a gi of a red vest and pants both with black stripes, worn by the elite warriors of his race. He was given orange, fingerless gloves with metal parts on top. He resembles more of Goku than of Vegeta.


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