The New Z Fighters are a band of warriors that fight threats in order to protect Earth and, on some occasions, other planets and Otherworld. The team consists mostly of Saiyan hybrids. Unlike the original Z Fighters, this team is actually organized as a team. Goku Jr. is the leader by de facto because of his many lone victories including the victories over Lord Yao and Cella. He does step down to allow his son to lead for his years of absence.



The earliest battle of the Fighters was when Goku Jr defeated Lord Yao alongside Riku, Chi-Zu, and Tora. It started kick started the Fighters role of the Special Forces. It is also notable the battle between Ryun and Kuriza.

Formation and Conflicts

The New Z Fighters come together first against Cella. While it was the first major conflict they've faced, it is one the few large gatherings.