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Muscle Tower is the Headquarters of the Red Ribbon Army in Jingle Village. The highest army member in the tower is General White. It is a place where the village Chief was held prisoner. It was destroyed with a single punch by Android 8. This base was set up to find the 2 star Dragon Ball.


The tower has 6 floors and a basement.


In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, the tower is shown to have a basement, which is never explored in the Anime.

Level 1

This level is never shown, as Goku directly enters the 2nd level from a door after he used his power pole to jump to it.

Level 2

The second level of Muscle Tower is protected by a few low ranking soldiers. Goku had no trouble defeating them.

Level 3

The third level of the tower is the home of Major Metallitron, an enormous android. Goku experiences difficulty, as Metallitron is extremely durable, continuing to fight even when his head is blasted off. However, The Major's batteries eventually run out and Goku move's onto the next floor.

Level 4

Ninja Murasaki and Android 8 reside on this floor. Murasaki has created a garden of sorts, with a small house. This is also the place where he takes pictures of General White's sisters. When fighting Goku, he uses cheap tricks such as throwing smoke bombs and calling on his brothers to fight, pretending it is a magic trick. Eventually Android 8 is released from his cage, but he does not want to harm Goku.

Level 4½

This level is a level between the 4th & 5th floor. Its a maze which is impossible to solve due to a moving wall, unless someone is faster than the shifting of the wall. Goku & Android 8 solved it by going on both sides of the moving wall, so White could not block them both. Here, Goku also fights some soldiers.

Level 5

According to Android 8, it had no enterance, but when Goku & Android 8 reached the 6th floor, General White opened a section of the floor through which they fall onto this level. This level is the residence of Buyon (a monster). This floor is full of skeletons which signifies that Buyon is dangerous. He is very spongy and jelly like as even Ka-me-ha-me-ha bounces back from his body.

Level 6

This level is the top level of the tower. It is the office of General White from where he keeps a check on the lower levels. It also has a prison where the village Chief was imprisoned.


  • The tower is a homage to the original and incomplete version of the Bruce Lee film "Game of Death" as each floor has a different opponent on it .

Red Ribbon Army
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