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Mrs. Brief is Bulma's mother and the wife of Dr. Brief. She is always interested in flirting with Goku and Vegeta. In the anime, she comments that she would like to go on a date with Vegeta. When Vegeta was offered a place to stay by Bulma - not long after Vegeta had tried to kill the Z Fighters - he was immediately welcomed in and taken aback by Mrs. Brief; the shock of someone being so pleasant to him almost overwhelmed him.

Not much is known about her, but in the anime she's characterized as the archetypal blonde airhead who loves shopping and eating expensive cakes. Also, she loves to offer treats and food to visitors, like cookies. Probably the most special feature of this woman is the fact that, as far as physical appearances go, she looks at least as young as her daughter, and unlike Bulma, she doesn’t appear to age at all throughout Dragon Ball Z.


Like similar characters who recurring throughout Japanese anime, Mrs. Brief is almost always depicted with her eyes closed, as if in a joyous manner. There is one exception to this in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Seized with Fear", when Bulma asks her if she can "watch Trunks" while Bulma goes "to meet with Trunks." This perplexes Mrs. Brief enough to have her eyes open wide.

Video Games

In the Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku games you can get cookies from her for free, which restore your health in the game.


  • In the Japanese version of the show she is apparently unaware of Chi-Chis name, simply refering her as "Goku's wife" and "Missus"

Family tree

                King Vegeta --------- Queen (Unknown)        Mrs. Briefs ------ Dr. Briefs
                             |     |                                       |                     
                             |     |                                       |                     
                Gure ---- Tarble  Vegeta -------------------------------- Bulma  
                                                    |          |                                 
                                                 Trunks      Bulla          
                                                   (unknown family)                              
                                                  Vegeta Jr.'s mother                              
                                                     Vegeta Jr.

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