Mamba is a villain appearing in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. She is a witch who can disguise her form, conjure weapons from thin air, and use her hair as a weapon or to restrain others. Mamba lures unsuspecting travellers into her home, and then cooks and eats them.

Mamba lives in the forest near Mount Paozu, and saves Goku Jr. and Puck from wolves, only to attempt to cook them later. She nearly kills Goku Jr. by strangling him with her hair, but he is able to knock her down, and Puck cuts him free so they can make their escape. This ruins her hair, and she pledges to follow and kill them both.

Later, Mamba, Getto, and Rakkary catch up with Goku Jr. and the bear, chasing them for a while until they all run into Lord Yao. After Goku Jr. becomes a Super Saiyan and defeats Lord Yao, Mamba and the other monsters run away.

Mamba appears to possibly be related to Princess Snake, or perhaps is a member of Bojack's race, or perhaps all of the above. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Zangya, but behaves more like Princess Snake, using disguises to trick travellers into coming into her home. She also wears a similar headpiece tiara that strikes a heavy resemblance to that of Zarbon's.


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