Lord Revend is the first major villian in the story Chosen Warriors/\Story Of Omegasis. He wears a golden armor that has been upgraded through thousands of years to have a built in Energy Amplifis, Condenser, Heateroid, and many other things included.

Life and Death.

Rythian is the one to defeat Lord Revend after a long and explosive fight, both of their powerlevels raised to about 50 million each, but upon Rythian using the KauseKen to multiply his power by 3, he easily took Revend down by ramming his fist through Revend's chest, and bursting his body. Revend was a simple Lynarian that was born on 10983, during his life he was abused by his parents and not many people liked him, but as he got older he became very fond of technology, so he started building an armor that he thought nobody could ever break. He constantly refinded it and made it thicker and better, eventually absolutely nobody could destroy it. He was thought of as a threat to the solar system because of his rapidly rising power and armor, so he was banished from the planet and sent to a special prison and put in a sleeping chaimber. 4000 years later he broke out and imprisoned the Saiyans, Lynarians and Zyconians. Rythian, Rye and Flash later free'd them and destroyed Revend almost completely

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