Lord Jaguar appears in Dragon Ball Z Movie 11-Bio Broly. He is a rich tyrant with a devious plan for revenge. With his vast wealth he manages to reincarnate Broly, his plan, Total dominion over the world, as well as expose Hercule as being a fraud. He tries to guide Broly's rage for his benefit but finds it difficult to do so. In the end Broly becomes weakened by the salt water in the sea and dies when he is hit by a tiny ki blast from Trunks and Goten.

Jaguar slightly resembles Vodka, the greedy gangster Goku encounters while searching for the Dragon Balls during the Cell Games Saga.


  • It's interesting to note that Lord Jaguar, along with Men Men, are the only main movie villains to survive the events of a movie. (Most main villains perish before the ending.)

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