This is a list of notable techniques used by Trunketa which have appeared in Dragonball AF.

Rush Attacks

These are all attacks that deal with combos and rushing towards the enemy.

High Speed Attack-This is the most basic form of rush. In this attack, Trunketa rushed towards his opponent and begins punching and kicking extremely fast followed by a final, stronger, kick to the face.

Intense Rush-In this attack, Trunketa rushes towards his opponent and delivers many high speed kicks followed by a burst of energy that severly damages the opponent.

Energy Attacks

Big Bang Volley-In this attack, Trunketa creats two "Big Bangs" in his hands and then fires a flurry of Big Bang Attacks.

Kamehameha-Trunketa got this attack from Trunks's half of the fusion. Trunks is proven to know the attack in the Dragonball Z movie Bio-Broly.

Burning Flash-This attack is a mixture of Trunks's Burning Attack and Vegeta's Final Flash. He does the fast hand motions of the Burning Attacks but instead of putting his hands out in front of him at the end, he gets in the Final Flash stance and then fires a very powerful energy wave.

Due to Trunketa being a short-term character, his attack list is very limited.

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