This is a list of notable techniques used by Gogeta which have appeared in the Dragon Ball manga, the anime series Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, and various video games spun off by the series.

Gogeta's speed is the greatest seen in the series, being so swift that many of his strikes appear as simple twitches. Along with his incredible speed, Gogeta also harbors an enormous amount of power and energy. Due to the immense power level gap between his Super Saiyan 4 transformation and all other characters in the series, Gogeta appears to be physically invincible. However, his only weakness is his inability to stay fused for longer than 30 minutes due to the inherent limitations of the Fusion Dance (the additional strain of the Super Saiyan 4 state reduces this time limit by two-thirds). Gogeta demonstrates his access to all the techniques of both Goku and Vegeta, and can even combine signature moves between the two (the Big Bang Attack and Kamehameha, for example) to create far more efficient and powerful techniques. Along with his fantastic speed, he also boasts phenomenal strength.

Techniques appearing in the manga and anime

Energy-based attacks

File:Gogeta BBK dbgtepisode60 309.jpg
  • Big Bang Kamehameha - Gogeta's most powerful technique. This is a combination between the Super Kamehameha and the Big Bang Attack.
  • Kiai - Capable of utilizing it, but never seen using it.


Techniques appearing in video games

Budokai Tenkaichi series

Special techniques

Rushing techniques

Signature techniques

Combination techniques

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