Ledgic first appears in DBGT. Ledgic comes in and tells Don Kea that he can not defeat these people with such toys. After some talking, Trunks attacks, but Ledgic is far too quick for Trunks and he knocks Trunks back. Now, Goku and Ledgic will fight. They both attack each other and Ledgic fires a ki blast which destroys the room they are in. At first it appears to be an even match, but even after Ledgic pulls out swords he is still only able to get in one blow. Ledgic then pulls out a spear and this is when Goku goes SS. Goku very quickly finishes off Ledgic with a combination of punches and kicks and then topped off by a Kamehameha. Ledgic tells Goku that he is a very strange kid and tells Goku that he will win the next time they fight. Then, Don Kea offers Ledgic all of the money that is in his office to defeat Goku. Ledgic kicks Don Kea out of the way and says that money isn't everything. Ledgic then leaves and now Don Kea is left with the three Saiyans.

Character overview

File:CELS 105 (Medium).jpg
The personal bodyguard of Don Kia, Ledgic is the first enemy Goku and friends encountered in Dragon Ball GT. He is quite strong, fighting Goku to a standstill until he transforms into a Super Saiyan. Ledgic is impressed by Goku's strength and gives up the battle, leaving his King to defend himself.


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