King Furry (King Koku in Japanese) is a dog who is the current king of the Earth. He is one of the few people who knows that Goku is a hero.

Though he is a politically important in the Dragon Ball universe, he is of little significance to the storyline, save when King Piccolo temporarily usurps his throne. He was going to commemorate Goku with a medal for his heroic battle against King Piccolo, however Goku left for Kami's Lookout.

He returns in Dragon Ball Z making only two appearences first in the Cell Games Saga when he is asked if the military forces should attack Cell, which he declines,because he knew that Gohan was the only one who could defeat Cell. He is seen again in the Kid Buu Saga sharing his energy with the rest of Earth to help Goku create a Spirit Bomb strong enough to defeat Majin Buu

In Dragon Ball GT, King Furry returns again helping spread word of earth's upcoming destruction due to the Black Star Dragon Balls although it was never explained how. He appears in the last few episodes where he is killed with most of the people of Earth when Omega Shenron attack and is later revived by Shenron.

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