Kid Vegito As He Is Shown In The Majin Abuu Arc Kid Vegito Was The Result Of Kid Goku And Kid Vegeta Using The Potara Earrings To Become Kid Vegito Kid Vegito Had The Same Upwards Spiked Hair As Vegeta Kid Vegito Wore An Orange And Blue Gi Which Was Shaped Like A V Backwards Kid Vegito Wore White Baggy Pants Like Vegito He Worn Vegeta's White Gloves He Wore Potara Earrings He Worn White Boots His Name In Japanese Is Kid Vegetto While It Is Kid Vegito In America 


Kid Vegito Was First Introduced In The Majin Abuu Arc Where He Was Being Pummeled By Majin Abuu Who Had The Advantage He Was Then Absorbed By Majin Abuu Into Her Body But Even With Kid Vegito Absorbed Majin Abuu Couldn't Beat Vegito Who Was Toying With Her Majin Abuu Used Her Antenna To Turn Vegito Into Candy Candy Vegito Was Still Toying With Her As He Did Before Candy Vegito Made Majin Abuu Missed Her Punches And Herself Dizzy Vegito Punched Majin Abuu In The Stomach Causing Her To Lose Kid Vegito Who Became Super Kid Vegito Who Used His Big Bang Kamehameha To Obliterate Majin Abuu Into Pieces Slowly Majin Abuu Was Dying Kid Vegito Then Finished Her Off With His Thunder Shot Technique 


According To The Dragon Ball AF Profile Card For Kid Vegito He Was Somewhere Between The 350,0000,0000, 450,0000,0000 And 999,000,000,000 Range But He Was Actually At 999,000,000,000 Making Him The Strongest Kid Fusions Period Kid Vegito Doesn't Have To Toy With His Opponents He Just Ends Them 

Super Saiyan Forms

SSJ (Super Saiyan Or Super Kid Vegito)






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