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Katas was an ancient Namekian and the father of the nameless Namek that later seperated into two sons, Kami and King Piccolo. He lived on Planet Namek some 300 years before the start of Dragon Ball and belonged to the Dragon Clan during a time period when Namekian fighters were more common and when Namek had knowledge of higher technology such as space travel. Some point after spawning his son a massive climate shift took place on Namek. He managed to save his son by sending him off to Planet Earth in a space ship before he was killed by the climate shift. The only survivor of this was Guru who gradually restored the population and modified the society somewhat. Whether Katas was good or evil was never stated. Kami originally had some evil in him before becoming guardian of Earth, but Guru claims that his evil side might be from Earth's own evil and not Katas. (King Kai also speculated the possibility of Earth's evil influence being the reason why Kami/Piccolo had evil in him early in the Namek Saga.)

In the FUNimation dub of Goku's Revenge Katas' grandson Tambourine refers to them as the Warrior Tribe. This could be meant to imply the Warrior Tribe is supposedly the true name of the group Katas derives from, rather than the Dragon Clan the Ocean dub seems to indicate.

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