Kame Style Martial Arts (Turtle Style Martial Arts)

The Dragonball manga gives slight detail of what the training under the kame style martial arts comprises of. It covers the whole duration of the training which requires eight months to complete.

Training Techniques

The Kamehamaha wave

Skills Analysis

Before the training commences Master Roshi has to determine the abilities of his aspiring students in order to determine what level of training would be suited for them. He inquires about what previous training they have underwent.

For Example: Goku had trained under Grandpa Gohan for the majority of his life whereas, Krillin had underwent 8 years at the Orin Temple.

Since both had already underwent the fundamental training the next part of the skills analysis involves a speed test. Krillin runs first and achieves a time of 10.1 second then Goku runs and achieves a time of 11 seconds. However, since Goku's shoes are damaged he is then allowed to change them thus, enabling him to achieve a time of 8.5 seconds. Master Roshi then explains that the principle of the Kame Style is about "overcoming the human wall". He then runs the same distance as Krillin and Goku, however, he runs it in 5.6 seconds and tells them that after his training they would be able to run it in 5 seconds or less.

For the final part of his skills analysis he takes a rock and writes the Kame symbol on it and throws it over a cliff. His instructions are that the one to find the rock will have dinner while the loser goes hungry for the night. However there's a catch, if 30 minutes passes and neither of them is able to produce the rock then both would go hungry for the night.

Goku ends up finding the rock however, Krillin steals it and is deemed the victor. However Krillin along with Master Roshi and Lunch ate under prepared Puffer-fish for dinner and thus got sick for 3 days.

Initial Training

For the first part of the training the students are woken up at 4:30 in the morning to warm-up for their training. The warm-up comprises of a light jog to an island's milk depository. The island was larger than Master Roshi's Turtle Island andc had a population of 300 people. The students are then required to participate in the island's milk run. However, instead of the milk being delivered by a man in a helicopter who resembles a cow as it is usually done, Master Roshi makes his students deliver the milk to everyone on the island, by foot.

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